Royale Immunewell


Royale Immunewell
30 capsules

Immunewell as an immunomodulator modifies and strengthens your immunity safely and naturally without overstimulating your immune system! It is gluten-free, non-GMO, non-allergenic and organic certified KOSHER and HALAL. Safe to take by kids, adults and elder people. It also protects from harmful effects of stress and increase energy levels and mental clarity.

Contains the following active ingredients:

Yeast beta-glucan

  • approved novel food ingredient in EU and nutrition supplement usually added in infant formulas and as additive in different food products
  • immune polysaccharide from cell wall of baker’s yeast
  • obtained from yeast with high glucan content through a different fermentation process and refined by removing proteins, fats, nucleic acids and other impurities
  • contains immunomodulatory properties and quickly activates macrophages enhancing immune system functions, awareness and response against threat of virus, bacteria and foreign invaders
  • has positive effects on cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • has anti-tumor, anti-inflammation and anti-radiation properties
  • helps in rapid wound healing and lowers risk for infections after surgery and trauma
  • best used by patients with low immunity, prone to colds, cancer patients using radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • recommended for children, athletes, older adults, and those prone to stress

How yeast beta-glucan trains your immune system

Take two (2) capsules per day on an empty stomach or otherwise, recommended by a health care professional.