Spirulina Capsule

Price: PHP 1,215 (1000mg per tablet) (90 tablets per bottle)

Royale Spirulina
World’s Healthiest Super Food

“THE BEST FOOD FOR THE FUTURE”, according to United Nations. Tests done by NASA found spirulina to be an excellent compact space food for astronauts. In fact, NASA found that 1 kilogram of Spirulina contains about the same nutrients as 1,000 kilograms of assorted vegetables!

Spirulina – World’s Richest Whole Food
– aquatic microscopic vegetable organism (blue green algae) which contains the most remarkable concentration of functional nutrients ever known in any food.
– anti-aging amino acid that DELAYS AGING and improves skin condition
– one of the cleanest, most naturally sterile foods found in nature.
– retains its nutritional value even when subjected to high temperatures during processing and shelf storage.
– richest source of natural antioxidants of any whole food.
– contains potent anti-cancer phytochemical called phycocyanin
– has unusual phytonutrients for health and cleansing
– supports and stimulates growth of “friendly” bacteria in the intestines and colon
– highest source of B-12, essential for healthy nerves and tissues, especially for vegetarians
– 65 to 71% complete protein with all essential amino acids in perfect balance, compared to beef which is only 22%, and also superior to typical plant protein, such as from legumes.
– easy to digest vegetable protein without the fat and cholesterol of meat
– richest natural source of GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid) found in mother’s milk which boosts immunity, increases mental capacity, helps regulate blood sugar and insulin, and suppresses appetite and reduces cravings to help you lose weight
– has 58 times the iron of raw spinach and 28 times that of raw beef liver, and easier to absorb than iron supplements
– also contains more beta-carotene 10x more concentrated than carrots.
– rich in vitamins and minerals such as B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, Vitamin C, D, E, calcium, selenium, zinc, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, magnesium and manganese.


Weight Loss
– non meat product that contains the highest protein content along with the essential nutrients and amino acids, without the unnecessary carbohydrates or fats

– contains Gamma-Linoleic Acid (GLA) which is found uniquely on mother’s milk; it promotes heart health and lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels

-Spirulina has been found to have significant postive effects on people suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus. Reports indicate that spirulina has the ability to reduce blood sugar levels in the body after 6 to 8 weeks of intake.

-Has long been established to have cancer fighting ingredients and helps boost the immune system

– contains all essential amino acids
– vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, and H
– 100x more Vitamin A than Carrots
– 50x more iron than spinach, and 3x more iron than beef
– 10x more beta carotene than papaya, 20x more beta carotene than carrots
– 10x more calcium than milk
– 6x more protein than eggs
– excellent source of Gamma-Linoleic Acid (GLA) found on mother’s milk
– rich source of potassium, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, zinc
– provides Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), Linoleic acid (LA), Stearidonic Acid (SDA), Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), Arachidonic Acid (AA)

Who Should Take Spirulina:
– Children with inadequate vegetable intake
– Teenagers who require extra nutrition during their rapid growing years
– Pregnant women who need balanced nutrition
– Elderly people who have limited dietary options yet require a wide spectrum of nutrients to maintain optimum health. It is also very easy to digest.
– Althletics because it provides energy and improves stamina.
– People with ailments or those who are recuperating from diseases who need propr nourishment for fast recovery (please consult your doctor)
– Busy people who don’t have the time to eat balance meals and instead rely heavily on “fast” and processed foods
– Vegetarians who must acquire proteins from vegetables Spirulina is 65% protein by weight, 97% digestible protein (compared to beef which is only about 20%)