Royale 8-in-1 Coffee Blend


Coffee Blend 8-in-1 Mix
Extraordinary coffee with fantastic taste and health benefits from five herbal supplements!

Contains the following active ingredients:
+ coffee
+ Cream
+ Sugar(regular) / Sucralose (Lite)
+ Plus 5 Health Supplements:

Spirulina – World’s Richest Whole Food

– aquatic micro-vegetable organism (blue green algae) being developed as the “FOOD OF THE FUTURE”.
– one of the cleanest, most naturally sterile foods found in nature.
– retains its nutritional value even when subjected to high temperatures during processing and shelf storage.
– 65 to 71% complete protein with all essential amino acids in perfect balance, compared to beef which is only 22%, and also superior to typical plant protein, such as from legumes.
– easy to digest vegetable protein without the fat and cholesterol of meat
– richest natural source of GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid) found in mother’s milk which boosts immunity, increases mental capacity, helps regulate blood sugar and insulin, and suppresses appetite and reduces cravings to help you lose weight
– has 58 times the iron of raw spinach and 28 times that of raw beef liver, and easier to absorb than iron supplements
– also contains more beta-carotene 10x more concentrated than carrots.
– richest source of natural antioxidants of any whole food.
– contains potent anti-cancer phytochemical called phycocyanin
– has unusual phytonutrients for health and cleansing
– supports and stimulates growth of “friendly” bacteria in the intestines and colon
– highest source of B-12, essential for healthy nerves and tissues, especially for vegetarians
– rich in vitamins and minerals such as B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, Vitamin C, D, E, calcium, selenium, zinc, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, magnesium and manganese.

Korean Ginseng – Strongest Form of Ginseng

– also known as Panax Ginseng, derived from the word panax meaning “All-healing” is the most used herb in China for more than 7000 years
– help individuals cope with physical and emotional stress
– stimulate immune system therefore effective in preventing colds, flu and some forms of cancer
– lower blood levels of sugar and cholesterol
– Helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, normalize blood pressure and improve blood circulation
– used to treat erectile dysfunction and improve male fertility
– improves memory and cognitive abilities
– Improves athletic performance and increases endurance and stamina
– used in treatment of post menopausal symptoms
– used to aid in sleep, and to stimulate the appetite.
– also used for diabetes, migraine, infections, radiation and chemotherapy protection

Grape Seed – Nature’s most potent antioxidant & Youth Nutrient

– contains proanthocyanidins, NATURE’S MOST POTENT ANTIOXIDANT, which is 20x more potent than Vitamin C and 50x stronger than Vitamin E
– high degree of bioavailability (readily absorbed by the body) within 20 minutes of taking proanthocyanidines, most of it are absorbed and can be found in the saliva one hour after ingestion
– stays in our system much longer than Vit C & E, and remains in our body as long as 3 days after which they start to be eliminated along with the free radicals they have neutralized through urine and perspiration
– prescribed by doctors in several European countries for prevention and treatment of various serious health problems
– licensed in France for years for treating diabetic retinopathy, reducing microbleeding of the capillaries in the eye and improving vision
– Antibacterial and anti-viral
– Anti-allergenic/anti-histamine (helping to control allergic responses)
– Anti-inflammatory (minimizes inflammation and swelling)
– also called the “YOUTH NUTRIENT” due to its anti-aging properties
– prevents cancer and tumor formation
– prevents cardiovascular diseases and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing risk of heart attack and stroke
– improves memory, reduce mental stress, and protect against senility (memory decline due to old age)
– has the ability to cross blood brain barrier that’s why it can help people with Alzheimer’s and ADHD which are considered untreatable
– help stimulate healthy hair growth making it effective against hair loss
– promotes healthy young-looking skin, helps in reducing wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and preventing skin ailments
– hastens wound healing and improves resistance to bruising
– recommended for athletes to improve joint flexibility and minimize inflammation and swelling in injuries
– promotes eye health by reducing risk of cataracts, glaucoma and other vision problems
– strengthens blood vessels and aids in blood circulation reducing varicose veins and leg cramps
– also used for asthma, arthritis, allergies, diabetes, gout, impotence, emphysema, fibromyalgia, hay fever, hives, numbness, teeth and gum healing
– reduces frequency and severity of colds and enhancing the benefits of vitamins

Ganoderma – King of Herbs

– mushroom with lots of therapeutic and nutritional value
– cleanses the body from toxins, strengthens immune system and resist against harmful agents
– has anti-inflammatory effect and anti-allergic activity
– relieves fatigue and increases endurance for vigorous exercise
– increases levels of antioxidants to protect against diseases and aging
– works in the treatment of cancer and prevents tumors
– enhances liver detoxification and improves liver function and regeneration of cells thus making it important supplement for liver cancer
– reduces side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy such as fatigue, hair loss, bone marrow suppresion and risk of infection
– effective with kidney diseases and relief of urinary tract symptoms
– reduces cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure, and improve blood circulation
– reduces effects of caffeine and relaxes muscles
– used to help treat anxiety, hepatitis, bronchitis, insomnia, and asthma
– provides whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by our body

Agaricus Blazei Murill – Mushroom of God

– most potent mushroom in enhancing the immune system
– effectively fights cancer cells
– reduces blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels
– contributes to prevention of diabetes-related complications
– relieves allergies
– reduces physical stress
– prevent peptic ulcers and osteoporosis
– enhances cardiovascular and digestive support
– has low calorie content and rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help promote weight loss

Empty contents of sachet into a cup. Add 180 ml hot water then stir to dissolve powder.